Marmalade Gives


I have decided that with the launch of my new website and brand new collection I would like to do my small part in enacting positive change in my community.  With that goal in mind I would like to introduce my first initiative.  I have chosen to create a necklace with the words "be you" which I will be selling here on my website, and giving the net profits made on sales of this necklace to the Toronto based charity PREVnet.  As a mom with school aged children, I see the seeds of bullying daily, and try and teach my own children to stand up for themselves and for others.  I firmly belive that everyone has the right to be respected for who they are and to exist in a safe and healthy environment.

PREVNet is a leading global network of researchers and organizations that work together to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying.

By supporting PREVnet, we will help to ensure that children, teens and young adults enjoy their right live, learn, play and work in safe and healthy relationships.