Our Process

We use the lost wax casting process to create our charms, rings and earrings.  This involves creating master models and molds of each design, then using the molds to reproduce the pieces. 




Once a mold is created, it is then injected with wax.  The result is a wax version of our metal charms.  For each metal charm that we make, we must first "pull a wax", which will eventually melt away in the oven 



We melt the waxes onto a sprue to create a wax "tree".  We then pour plaster over the tree, and melt the wax away in a hot kiln.  



when the wax is completely melted, there will be a cavity in the plaster in the exact shape of the tree.  We pour molten sterling silver or bronze into the hole on top and it quickly solidifies.   


We cut each piece off of the tree, and then grind the sprue down (where it attached to the tree).  


Each piece is then polished and ready to wear!

Care Instructions

Silver and Bronze Collection

This collection is made entirely of sterling silver and bronze.  A patina has been applied to the metals in order to give it an authentically aged look, and to emphasize the fine details of the images.  With time and wear this patina will age - it will likely lighten in places that are in contact with your skin, and darken in the recessed areas.  The bronze may darken slightly when especially humid, or when exposed to certain lotions or perfumes, but can be easily polished back to its original shine.  To polish, rub with a baking soda/water paste and a soft toothbrush, or use a silver polishing cloth. It's safe to wear your jewellery in the shower, but best to take it off for swimming in pools or hot tubs.