Wildflower Garden

Not intentionally planted or cultivated, the wildflower grows free.

  ​​Family Tree

With shared roots and links to the past, tree branches remain connected as they reach towards the future.

Sun Face

The powerful sun grows gardens to sustain life, and spreads warmth and joy upon the earth.



Moon Face

Shining down from the sky, the moon is a guide, a keeper of time, and a symbol of continuous evolution and transformation.

Evergreen Forest

A place to feel lost with wonder and the possibility of adventure and exploration.


A powerful talisman to ward off the evil eye and to protect us from our own negative thoughts and insecurities.


Known to be magical and transportative, the mushroom roots us in the earth, while also providing the gift of wonder.

Evil Eye

A protective amulet thought to ward off the evil spirits and bad luck.

Silver Linings

A break in the clouds brings hope and sunshine.

Peace Dove

The flying dove with an olive branch in her beak is an emblem of peace and love.


Celebrating the natural rhythms of the universe, the moon is a symbol of light, feminine energy and our movement through the phases of time.


Reminds us to be productive while the sun shines, and that we can accomplish great things when we work together.

Olive Branch

Characterised by its strength, the olive branch represents the courage it takes to extend the gift of peace and forgiveness.


powerful reminder of the natural cycle of life and the importance of making the most of everyday.


Emblematic of grounding forces and strength, inspiring to those who need courage, and a powerful guise and protector.


The snake’s ability to shed her own skin and begin anew, makes her a symbol of transformation and renewal, and a celebration of one’s inner power.