The Studio

Our bright studio space houses our casting operation and our jewellery workshop as well as a small show room.   Please make an appointment to come by, shop and see where all of our pieces are created.

9 Davies Ave.

Unit #312

416 788 0530

We create our pieces from start to finish in this space.  Each piece of jewellery that leaves our studio began as an original design.  We transform our designs into wax, then to raw silver or bronze and finally to a finished piece of jewellery.  We are proud to have honed all of the skills necessary to bring our designs to life and so grateful to spend our days here doing what we love.

Designer and Owner Kate Singer at work at the bench. 

Kate has been the creator behind Marmalade Jewellery for nearly 20 years.  She is a self-taught life learner, who genuinely loves the jewellery craft, and especially enjoys connecting with her customers through her creations.

Kate's husband David Kerr, ready to cast two freshly made flasks.

Dave has always worked behind the scenes as Marmalade's photographer and booth builder, but more recently he mastered the art of casting, and now leaves his mark on every piece that leaves our studio. 

Whether gifting your purchase to yourself or to someone you love, we do our best to make sure that your jewellery arrives beautifully packaged... while not being over-packaged!  True to our belief in maintaining as small a footprint as possible, we keep our packaging to paper cards and cotton pouches and ship in recyclable cardboard boxes.   We include custom gift notes upon request (simply fill in the gift note box when adding your order to the cart), and are happy to ship your items directly to the recipient (simply add their shipping address at checkout).  Our aim is to make your gift giving experience as fun, simple and personal as possible.