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Marmalade has been designer Kate Singer's passion for more than 12 years.  Over that time, Marmalade has remained Kate's constant, her creative outlet and way of connecting with her community.  Her focus is on using quality materials, sound environmental practices, and good design to create a line of jewellery that is uniquely Marmalade.

Over the years, Kate's husband Dave has developed many talents in order to contribute to the company.  He is the resident handyman who builds all of the booth and in-store displays, the in house photographer, and the general studio contractor.  


 Hi! My name is Elaine. I joined Marmalade after graduating from OCAD with a degree in Material Art & Design with a focus on jewellery. I’m in the Marmalade studio everyday injecting wax for hundreds of charms made every week, soldering rings/earrings, hammering and forming bangles, wrapping gemstones or finishing castings. I think all of my jobs are pretty fun. After a long day of making, I love to arrange the freshly made gemstones and tassels in a rainbow!



 Hey! I’m Stephanie. I work with Kate at Marmalade helping out anyway I can. Some days you’ll find me updating the website or filling orders. Other days you may find me helping out behind the booth at a show. I'm an "extra pair of hands". I love that I get to work in a creative environment and love that every day at Marmalade is different.

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