The Jewellery




      WAX TREES                            A BRONZE TREE OF CHARMS                  UNPOLISHED CASTINGS


   HAND DYED LEATHER                            SOLDERING STUDS                               HAND STAMPED BARS

A few things of note about Marmalade Jewellery:

  • Our jewellery is made entirely by hand in Toronto, Canada.  All of our original designs are made in the Marmalade Studio.  Our casting is done by skilled craftsman only 15 minutes away.  Each piece is hand finished, soldered, assembled and packaged in studio.  Our unique boxes are lasered and assembled by Kate's husband Dave at the nearby makerspace.  
  • Our jewellery is small. This makes it all the more cute, yet subtley sophisticated at the same time.
  • All of the imagery found in the Marmalade line is based on Kate's collection of illustrations.  For the metal line, Kate creates models based on her drawings, which are then cast into silver or bronze. The pieces are polished, a patina is applied, and then they are set into contrasting metal frames.
  • We offer oodles of choice. Kate is terrible at making decisions - maybe this is why she has crafted a jewellery line that includes SO many designs, and depends on YOU to make the final choices!
  • Shopping with Marmalade is meant to be fun! The final product really is yours to create. So turn on your left brain and let your creative side shine. If you need a little help, or a nudge one way or the other, feel free to reach out via phone, email or our contact form.
  • Our jewellery is made to last. We stand behind our creations, and should there be any problems with your piece, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will do our best to fix or replace it.

Care Instructions

Silver and Bronze Collection

This collection is made entirely of sterling silver and bronze.  A patina has been applied to the metals in order to give it an authentically aged look, and to emphasize the fine details of the images.  With time and wear this patina will age - it will likely lighten in places that are in contact with your skin, and darken in the recessed areas.  The bronze may darken slightly when especially humid, or when exposed to certain lotions or perfumes, but can be easily polished back to its original shine.  To polish, rub with a baking soda/water paste and a soft toothbrush, or use a silver polishing cloth. It's safe to wear your jewellery in the shower, but best to take it off for swimming in pools or hot tubs.

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