Forest Signet Ring


Handmade Forest signet ring cast in solid bronze or recycled sterling silver.

FOREST: The place where life thrives, filled with mystery and adventure

face size: 12mm x 5mm 
band thickness :1.2mm

*handmade in the Marmalade studio
*materials: sterling silver or bronze
*the inside is stamped with the Marmalade logo
*rings are made to order and ship from Toronto

**To determine your ring size, wrap your finger with a thin piece paper and then measure the length of the paper. The fit should be snug without squeezing your finger. You may need a friend to help you! Alternatively you can order a ring sizer, or come by our studio and we will measure your finger. Quarter sizes are available upon request.
size 3 - 45.5mm 
size 4 - 46.8mm
size 5 - 49.3mm
size 6 - 51.9mm
size 7 - 54.4mm
size 8 - 57.0mm
size 9 - 59.5mm
size 10 - 62.1mm
size 11 - 64.6mm
size 12 - 67.2mm
size 13 - 69.7mm

A note about bronze rings: Bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin and we love that it's strong, durable, easy to clean and has a warm golden tone. Because of the copper content, sometimes our skin can darken where our skin oils come in contact with the bronze. This is more likely to happen with a snug fitting piece of jewellery, like rings. The discolouration is not harmful and can be washed off with soap and water. Follow these tips to minimize discolouration:

*keep your jewellery clean by washing it with warm, soapy water
*take your rings off at night
*apply clear nail polish to the inside of your ring

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5 Stars

I LOVE THESE RINGS. They are gorgeous, beautifully crafted, unique in their imagery and design, and wear well and true to size. I am a huge fan of the thought and care that went into their symbolism, and every time I buy one wish to purchase about four more. I currently have this and two others, as well as a charm necklace. They are the best. - Chandra - June 2023

Forest Signet ring
5 Stars

Very sweet!! Bought this ring for my daughters birthday!! Haven’t been able to give it to her yet due to covid. Her birthday and Mother’s Day landed on the same day!! So hoping we can get together soon!! I’m sure she’s going to love it!! -Sue