Forget-Me-Not Ring


Handmade Forget-Me-Not ring cast in recycled sterling silver or solid bronze

FORGET ME NOT: A symbol of connection, of friendship or love, that endures through challenges and time. 

face size: 17mm x 4mm 
band thickness :1.4mm

*handmade in the Marmalade studio
*materials: sterling silver or bronze
*the inside is stamped with the Marmalade logo
*rings are made to order and ship from Toronto

**To determine your ring size, wrap your finger with a thin piece paper and then measure the length of the paper. The fit should be snug without squeezing your finger. You may need a friend to help you! Alternatively you can order a ring sizer, or come by our studio and we will measure your finger. Quarter sizes are available upon request.
size 3 - 45.5mm 
size 4 - 46.8mm
size 5 - 49.3mm
size 6 - 51.9mm
size 7 - 54.4mm
size 8 - 57.0mm
size 9 - 59.5mm
size 10 - 62.1mm
size 11 - 64.6mm
size 12 - 67.2mm
size 13 - 69.7mm

A note about bronze rings: Bronze is an alloy made of copper and tin and we love that it's strong, durable, easy to clean and has a warm golden tone. Because of the copper content, sometimes our skin can darken where our skin oils come in contact with the bronze. This is more likely to happen with a snug fitting piece of jewellery, like rings. The discolouration is not harmful and can be washed off with soap and water. Follow these tips to minimize discolouration:

*keep your jewellery clean by washing it with warm, soapy water
*take your rings off at night
*apply clear nail polish to the inside of your ring

Orders are currently shipping in 2-4 days.

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Great ring!!
5 Stars

The forget-me-not ring was perfect! Nice quality and great fit -Maryse

Forget-me-not ring
5 Stars

This was my first marmalade purchase and I am so pleased. It's even lovelier than expected, and I've been wearing it everyday.